Our Commitment to Data Quality

Questionnaire pretesting is a Lucid Health standard. While some firms view pretesting largely as a confirmatory exercise (if they do it at all), we see pretesting as an opportunity for exploration.

Pretesting allows us to turn good questionnaires into great ones, and to uncover and incorporate the nuances and nuggets absent from initial drafts.

Then, once a study is in field, we identify and remove questionable respondents who fail our quality checks; these checks include:

  • The speed in which the survey was completed
  • Failure to avoid trap questions
  • Lack of response variability
  • Answering against the trend
  • Failure to provide consistent answers to pair opposites

Given our commitment to quality data, we anticipate the removal of approximately 10% of respondents and compensate for this through over-recruiting. Your final sample size will never be reduced because of data quality issues.

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