How we are different:


With Lucid Health, you will never think bait and switch. The person who proposes the research engagement will be intimately involved in conducting the research. We promise continuity from start to finish.


There often are multiple approaches to get to the same answer, and we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of each before providing our recommendation. In essence, when designing your custom study, Lucid Health will be driven by both past experience and custom thinking.

We don’t rely on proprietary products or approaches which can lead to pigeon-holing a business objective into a particular proprietary solution. This kind of approach curtails the innate flexibility of research.


With Lucid Health you will never have to wade through slide after slide of data to find the story (or wonder if there is even a story to be found). We pride ourselves in data distillation, and, through that analytical process, make the research findings clear and straightforward.


At Lucid Health, we will not turn to you for detailed instructions at every single turn. We rely on our years of experience to guide your research engagement. On occasion, we will challenge your thinking and provide you with alternative approaches to consider, enabling you to make the best-informed decisions possible.